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Angelic Healing

Angelic Healing has existed throughout time.
Its purpose is to restore harmony and balance to our Subtle (energy) Anatomy (bodies) and in doing so, to bring peace and clarity into all aspects of our life...
Angelic Healing can be given directly or remotely since we are working with energies that are free from limitations of time and space!

What is 
Angelic Healing?
Energy is what makes up our Universe and connects everything within it. Although we might perceive ourselves as being physical beings, we are (as Quantum Physics so ably explains), in essence, pure energy itself. Events and movements in this Universal and connecting energy impacts to a greater or lesser extent upon 'our' energy structure or Subtle Anatomy.
The Subtle (or energy) Anatomy comprises an etheric body - a blueprint of the physical body - an emotional body, a mental body, lower and upper Astral bodies, a celestial body and divine body. All of these bodies are encased in an envelope of Light.

Energetic imbalances can be mental, emotional, or karmic in nature. By attuning ourselves to the vibration of the Subtle Anatomy (much like you would 'tune in' to a radio station) we are able to see, hear and feel the energy of each Subtle Body. 

As with an instrument that may be worn, damaged or
'out of tune', we are able, through channelling the powerful Loving energy of The Angels of Healing to re-energise, repair and realign the Subtle Bodies. This allows them once again to be fully sustained by the Universal energy from which they have evolved.

How can Angelic Healing help me?
Angelic Healing is a very gentle, yet powerful form of healing and the benefits that can be experienced are numerous. Many clients report an immediate feeling of serenity and peace and frequently experience improved sleep. This is often accompanied by greater clarity and a renewed sense of direction in life and direct movement towards our Soul purpose. 

In the days and weeks that follow an Angelic Healing session, people have said that there lives have moved on, even when clients have reported feeling 'stuck'. The insights offered by the Angels of Healing often resolve issues that may be longstanding and can speed the process of 'letting go' by helping us connect with our True Self directly.

What does a session of Spiritual Angelic Healing involve?
A session of Spiritual Angelic Healing is carried out in a relaxed and peaceful space, with the client laying down (or sitting up if preferred). The healer will carry out a short consultation for medical purposes, but does not need to know the reason why the client has come for Angelic Healing.

Soothing music
is played throughout the session, which lasts approximately 1 hour to
1 hour 15 minutes.

When the treatment is finished, the healer informs the client of the work that has been carried out during the session and passes on any information or 'messages' that have been given by the Soul and the Angels of Healing/ Ascended Masters and Teachers of Light.

The cost of the session is £45 and can be carried out remotely or in person.

Gift Vouchers are also available so that your experience of Angelic Healing can be shared with your Loved Ones. (Most of my clients are referrals and often within family/ friend groups).

If you have been drawn here,
may be the time for your own experience?
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