The School of Angelic Healing -
Angelic (Karmic) Regression
Your Soul has incarnated
Earth to experience
and remember its True essence and to accept and Love all the experiences which have been recorded by the Soul in its
Infinite journey...

Angelic (Karmic) Regression identifies specific issues or 'themes' that prevent the Soul from experiencing itself as completely free, boundless and loved unconditionally.

We work to free the Soul of limiting or 'traumatic' experiences, removing the 'karmic' thread that can bind the Soul and thereafter allow it to fully heal these memories.
How can Angelic (Karmic) Regression
help me?
Angelic (Karmic) Regression offers a safe and protected space of Divine Love within which you will be able to access memories of the 'unconscious' mind and ultimately the Soul that need to be released to ease the flow of your life's journey. These memories may be covered up or hidden. There are many reasons why you may have chosen to keep memories at bay.
The purpose of Angelic (Karmic) Regression is to guide you - if the unconscious mind and the Soul allow this - to bring memories into the open to be healed. Healing takes place when the Soul is ready to let go of any personal attachment to these memories and to open up to Angelic Love to transmute them into Divine energy. The process is a gentle and beautiful one. It is the greatest gift that you can give your Self.
What does a session of Angelic (Karmic) Regression involve?
A session of Angelic (Karmic) Regression is an inter- active experience: the healer and client communicate verbally during the entire session - the client is not hypnotised! You select the theme (issue) that will be the subject of the regression. The work takes place with the client relaxing, laying down (or sitting up if preferred) and continues until all memories that the 'unconscious' mind and Soul choose to release at that time have been accessed and healed.
A session of Angelic Regression may last from 1 to 2 hours. The cost is £45 per hour, with a maximum of £65 charged for a longer session.
To book a session or for more information please call or Email Angela on:
Tel: +44(0)1284 488966  Mobile: +44 (0)7719 790681 
It is important to note that only issues or memories that the Soul is ready and able to release and heal
will be accessed.
The client is also given specific tools to return safely from the regression at any point, should they 
not feel ready to resolve an issue at that time
We need not be frightened of our Karma!
Karma is a blessing of experience,
full of adventures and Divine Signposts.
Karma allows us to move ever further 
into our Infinite Awareness when we notice
these Divine Signposts and find paths
back to our Eternal Self...
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