The School of Angelic Healing -
I was inspired to work
with The Angels of Healing following a talk about them in London in 1997.
I knew immediately that my life was going to change. Having worked in the corporate world as an Analyst up to that point I hadn't expected that! 
Since then, I have been guided and instructed by this beautiful group of Angels. Their presence has allowed me to experience my Infinite Self and the full power of Unconditional Love that is our true nature.
My journey has also shown me the True path to Divine Forgiveness, which I now share through a truly inspired form of psycho-spiritual counselling known as The Power of Clearing.
I believe that we are individually an immensely important part of the Whole of Creation and are capable of experiencing the fullness of Who we Are in this lifetime.
Our birthright is to live in perfect serenity and absolute peace. My passion is to share my knowledge and experience with You so that you find your way back to that True Awareness of your Self.
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