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Welcome to The School of Angelic Healing
What is Freedom? 
Are you free?
Are your Soul brothers and sisters free?
The simple Truth is that you are, and always have been, free...
Before you chose to enter this physical world you were part of the eternal Oneness that is full of amazing potential and allows Creation to manifest in any and every form... a boundless energy that you are connected with always. 
So remember that you are forever an eternal Spirit em-bodied in a physical form...and enjoy expressing the Free Spirit that you are, always have been
and always will be.
in Freedom,
Connecting with a Group of 
22 Angels of Healing, Archangels and Ascended Masters, The School of Angelic Healing offers
individual Soul connection and clearing sessions of
Angelic Healing and (Karmic) Regression.
We also give Guidance Readings and work with the Divinely inspired Power of Clearing.
We hope you find this website helpful on your journey and look forward to that time when
our paths will meet.
 Tel: Angela on +44 (0)1284 488966
Mobile: +44(0)771 979 0681
Divine Thanks to Alison Knox and Linda Graham
for the beautiful Angels that grace this website
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