The School of Angelic Healing -

I would like to share with you some of the comments received from those who have experienced Angelic Healing, attended Talks or participated in Workshops in which the Loving energy of The Angels of Healing has been felt...
"Touched by an Angel" Yes! This is exactly what it feels like following an Angelic Healing or Workshop channelled by Angela. Peace and warmth exude into the room, encasing you in pure love and joy'.
'Having seen Angela's first public talk about Angels, it was soon obvious by the appearance of many Angels that this lady had a very special connection. Having had several Angelic Healings, I highly recommend the experience.
The healing is very gentle and connects directly to the heart and Soul...'
Susan Powell
'Your workshop has given me self belief and direction and the meditations create great structure to help us connect to our higher self'. 
Nikki Geatches, Therapist
'After two Healing sessions I am less angry, more relaxed. After the 1st session, the day after, I felt immense happiness all day, no anger. After the 2nd session, a more profound deep inner peace...less rushing around, a better person...'
Mr. A. Kerrison, Security Guard
'Thanks for a brilliant workshop yesterday. It was a fantastic experience and I can't wait to do the Angel therapy course. I feel like I've stopped floundering around and have been set on my life course. Thanks again'.
Wendy Knight, Tarot Reader
'Thank you for being the incredible teacher that you are and for enabling people to bring that Spark of Angelic light back into their lives, you can see that light living through you .. So thank you ….'
Yvette Ellam, Therapist
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