The School of Angelic Healing -
The Power of Clearing
is a process of
True Forgiveness
Forgiveness is an expression
of Divine Intervention.
It reveals to us that it is only ever our self that needs to be forgiven...
for believing that limitation, suffering or pain in any form is who we are.
As a trained and experienced Coach, my role is to help you uncover the original root of any issues that present themselves in your life, which can often be different from those you believe them to be!
If your Peace is challenged by any thing, situation or person, we can uncover the reason why, the thought processes and emotions which have created this and then correct and heal these. With full participation and commitment, your return to Peace is swift and complete.
The Power of Clearing is a tool created by international Life Coach, Sandy Levey-Lunden. Sandy knew that a solution to end all pain in our relationships was possible. She found it in a simple, direct and healing Process of 3 steps.
What happens in a Clearing session?
A Clearing session is conducted in a quiet, warm space, where we sit in comfortable chairs opposite each other. I will introduce you to the Clearing Process and teach you the specific phrases used in each of the 3 steps. I will then listen to the issue that you feel needs to be worked with and help you to identify the people involved. You can then set a clear and positive intention for the outcome of the Clearing before we begin. I then coach you through each of the 3 steps of the Clearing Process:
Step 1: involves releasing current and/or past negative feelings, thoughts and beliefs associated with the issue (people, relationship, situation etc.)
Step 2: begins the Process of self-forgiveness: correcting the ego's perception that limitation and pain relating to the situation and people involved is real.
Step 3: completes the healing Process with remembrance of the Divine Truth of Who we Are.
The session is complete when you feel a total sense of Peace, Love and Freedom. I will be able to sense this also.
Clearing is not like traditional psychotherapy because you are working in a unique way with the Coach that empowers you to identify your own behaviours and patterns very quickly. You are also moving beyond the ego mind to acknowledge your Divine Self and the Divinity of all others. This is the 'healing' part of the Clearing Process - which takes you back to the eternal Truth of Who you Are. It is this Awareness that empowers you to make choices and create the world, relationships and career and life you really want!
A first session of Clearing can take up to 3 hours.
The cost of a first Clearing session during which you will be taught how to use the Power of Clearing Process, is £90. Subsequent sessions are £45 per hour. Sessions can also be conducted over the telephone if you are unable to travel. Concessions are available.
To book a Clearing session or for more information please call or Email Angela on:
Tel: +44(0)1284 488966  Mobile: +44(0)7719 790681 
'From my experience of Clearing, I believe that this is a vital tool in our journey back to full Consciousness. It frees us from the belief that we are formed from our past experiences and allows us the clarity to see the road ahead with Love and Joy'. AngelA
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